Know the state of your flocks, and put your heart into caring for your herds ~ Proverbs 27:23

Sweet Willow -- ⁣
WELL... we had our first vet visit this morning for this girl-- we hadn't planned for this one. Seems we are dealing with a bacterial infection around her jaw -- that isn't exactly normal but not uncommon in young fawns. We try to be as holistic as possible, however, sometimes modern medicine is necessary. I am beyond grateful to have an amazing vet who fit us in this morning without question, was able to calm my worries and give her a little something to fight this off. She is still eating/drinking and her bouncy self -- despite this -- which is a blessing that this hasn't affected her behavior in the least. Always a learning experience when raising these babies. ⁣

*For those who haven't been following our stories or YouTube Channel - she is an orphan, & yes we have ALL of the required FL permits & legal documents from FDACS & FWC to have her. It's all good. 😉🤠

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Whitetail Hollow Farms is on the tour this year! Save the dates on your calendar now! More details in the coming weeks! 🤠 ...

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Super excited about this new addition to the farm! This tulip tree will bring back some much-needed shade to the front of the house after the county diseased our ancient oaks with their aerial mowers and we had to have them removed. ⁣

I grew up with two massive tulip trees in my grandparent's front yard and one in our yard. A fact I didn't know (until picking out my free arbor day tree) was that the blooms/flowers are hummingbird attractants. Now it makes so much sense why my grandmother had an abundance of hummingbirds every summer visiting here feeders. ⁣

This beauty will be going in the ground this weekend. 🌳

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I am not usually a fan of animals with blue eyes... I am absolutely SMITTEN with these creatures. 😍 ...

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Bedtime for the baby Rheas. They are definitely NOT emus. This is going to be such an entertaining adventure. 💗 ...

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Watching God paint his evening canvas, beautiful cool breeze, crickets chirping, on a warm summer night with my girl and our boy. ...

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Well, "chicken" (yup that's her name- and her sisters too) is at it again... She is the best broody momma we have ever had. Second-year in a row that she has decided that the debris pile from Hurricane Michael is the best place to lay her eggs and brood her chicks. This pile is in our bucks pasture and guarded by our emus, Kevin and Genni. Last year she raised 6 chicks totally free range to around 8 weeks before we lost one from this pasture. This year she is sitting on a clutch of about 20 eggs -- can't wait to see what she brings us this year. ...

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The rain ain't got nothing on my UdderTech overalls and jacket! Seriously one of the best farm investments I have made. Although Bonnie is not a fan of the big pink "monster" that entered her enclosure tonight 🤣 ...

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Dates are set! Havana Florida Farm Swap's -- Second Saturday Swaps are officially set for the remainder of 2021! 🥳⁣

We can't wait to see all of our vendors and buyers each month again! ⁣

What might you find at our swaps???⁣

*Chicks, Pullets, Hens, and Roosters ⁣
*Guinea Keets⁣
and MORE! ⁣

*Locally grown fruits and veggies⁣
*Farm Fresh Eggs⁣
*Cottage Goods - Jams/Jellies⁣
and MORE! ⁣

*Trees, Flowers, and other plants acclimated to our area⁣
*Cut Flowers⁣
and MORE! ⁣

Artisan Handmade/Homemade Items⁣
and MORE!⁣

Come see us!

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Birthday nap with my Addie. 5 years has gone by SO fast.

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“If you want to live a happy life, tie it to a goal, not to people or things.” - Albert Einstein ...

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Farm-fresh double DOUBLE yolk soy/corn-free duck eggs and bacon - Super protein-packed breakfast got the day started off just right. 🤠 ...

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Join us this SATURDAY, MAY 8 for the first FARM SWAP of 2021!!! ⁣

We can't wait to see YOU!!! ⁣

***Buy - Sell - Trade***⁣
FARM Animals (no dogs/puppies or cats/kittens)⁣
Farm & Animal Supplies⁣
Local Garden Produce⁣
Cottage Crafted Items -- Canned/Jams/Jellies⁣
Garden Plants/Seedlings⁣
Handcrafted Farm Related Items⁣

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Farm sunset after the front moved through. Favorite time of the day. ...

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Wednesday Wisdom:⁣

“I dream of a better tomorrow, where chickens can cross the road and not be questioned about their motives.”― Ralph Waldo Emerson

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First 90 degree day of 2021 @whitetailhollowfarms ! Heat Index is at 102. Looks like we are in for another 🥵 summer! ...

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Butcher day is NEVER about death. It is about THANKS and APPRECIATION for raising healthy birds that lived a happy life and will provide many nourishing meals for us. We are most GRATEFUL for the friendships, helping hands and conversation that help us pass the time during the process. 💗 ...

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Getting my fill of this little guy before he heads to his new digs with his Dad (Napoleon) and his uncle later today. Gonna be really weird for the next few days not having his happy little self under foot all day and hearing him come running to see me every time I walk into the pasture.

Super blessed we found a home that is as head over heals for him as we are... Still hard letting him go though. 🥺💗

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“The purpose of life is not to be happy. It is to be useful, to be honorable, to be compassionate, to have it make some difference that you have lived and lived well.”― Ralph Waldo Emerson ...

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Soooo... We did a THING! Come join us on! ⁣

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Website design is like gibberish to my brain. I even have a cool plug and play Divi theme on the WordPress platform to make it "easy". Nope... I might as well be riding a bike backwards up a cliff... The learning curve for me is an incredibly steep uphill climb to say the least.

An integral part of our farm plan is to have a comprehensive educational and service based website -- So it is imperative that I conquer this -- Praying I don't crash and burn or explode before it does... 🔥💣

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